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           Yunpeng Shanxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a new group of companies, is located three offices, twelve department, twelve production plants, eighteen offices, more than 1,000 employees, and always uphold the "dry for fun cause, contribute to society, "the business group up and... more>>
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  • 2019/11/11
  • 2019/10/6
  • 2019/9/26 Strive to shine in a visible field in a corner that no one else can see
  • 2019/9/24 photo
  • 2019/8/16 Salary reform has achieved initial results steadily and steadily
  • 2019/7/15 Summary of Yunpeng Pharmaceutical Group's Work in the First Half of 2019 and Work Deployment Conference in the Second Half of the Year
  • 2019/6/6 Yunpeng Pharmaceutical Group wishes all friends and relatives a safe and happy Dragon Boat Festival!
  • 2019/5/15 Strengthen supervision and common growth
  • 2019/3/24 Address by Chairman Yunpeng on the 20th Anniversary
  • 2019/3/24
  • 2019/2/16 Close one's heart and go home To standardize the growth of military training in training
  • 2019/1/26
  • 2018/11/30 Yunpeng Pharmaceutical Group participated in the 56th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition
  • 2018/11/15 Investigation of county Leaders'in-depth visits to enterprises
  • 2018/10/29 Team gathering strength beliefs give birth to hope
  • 2018/10/26 Unifying Thought, Unifying Step, Cohesing Consensus and Promoting Work
  • 2018/10/30 Committed to consistency evaluation, training work carried out in an all-round way
  • 2018/9/3 Liu Yuqiang, Mayor of Linfen City, came to our company for investigation
  • 2018/9/3 Joint Dream Building and Continuous Improvement - Phase II New Employee Training
  • 2018/8/20 Retain, Employ, Training First-END
  • 2018/8/17 Retain, Employ, Training First - Countdown to Training
  • 2018/8/15 Retain, Employ, Training First - Training in Progress
  • 2018/8/8 Focus on General Mobilization of Reform in Solid Preparation Workshop
  • 2018/7/10 Yunpeng's Exhibition Tour
  • 2018/7/10 You deserve to listen to the voice of the staff--A Symposium for the staff of the laboratory on July 4
  • 2018/5/31
  • 2018/3/30 General order on Advanced Collective and individual Awards for the year 2017
  • 2018/3/30 New start, new leap, new dream
  • 2018/3/30 Winter warm welfare measures
  • 2018/3/30 Honesty wins the world Yunpeng cast brilliance
  • 2018/3/30 The attitude of Yunpeng people with Standard Grade
  • 2018/3/29 Mid-Autumn Festival National Day Happy meet singing around Big Yunpeng
  • 2018/3/30 Renee was on the run
  • 2018/3/30 Be vigilant and attack the last kilometre
  • 2018/3/30 To raise vigilance, to attack hard things automatically and to climb the Peak again
  • 2018/3/30 Honesty is the pass of Enterprise
  • 2018/3/30 Promoting the Progress of the Old and the New by the New: the 2017 meeting of Young employees
  • 2018/3/30 The sea can hold the water from thousands of rivers, it's big because of its capacity.
  • 2018/3/30 Warmly congratulate our company on winning the third prize of
  • 2018/3/29 Linfen Drug production Enterprise risk investigation Forum held successfully in our company
  • 2018/4/11 The second period sales meeting was successfully held
  • 2018/3/29 Rich and colorful contest items for the best worker
  • 2018/3/28 On-Site manager monitoring to make the operation standardization and professionally
  • 2018/3/29 Science and technology achieves wonderfulness; R & D leads the future
  • 2018/3/29 Conform to the trend and Create Yunpeng brand
  • 2018/3/29 The New year, the New Hope -reclining and returning to a State
  • 2018/3/29 New year New hope
  • 2018/3/29 On 2017 Our dreams Sets Sail
  • 2018/3/29 The 76th National Drug Trade Fair
  • 2018/3/29 API exhibition
  • 2018/3/29 The secretary of the municipal party committee and his party come to our company to visit the guidance
  • 2018/3/29 Looking at Management from the whole team
  • 2018/3/30 Improving quality and upgrading quality-the Mobilization meeting of Monitoring and Management
  • 2018/3/30 Improving quality and upgrading quality-the Mobilization meeting of Monitoring and Management
  • 2018/3/29 New and old fusion burst out new forces
  • 2018/3/29 Carry forward the tradition/the cause and forge ahead into the future and love the warm
  • 2016/7/1 To the hero in my heart
  • 2018/3/29 Militarization Management-Positioning
  • 2018/3/29 Warmly congratulate our company for successfully staying in the pharmacy network mall
  • 2018/3/29 Innovating thinking and changing Mode
  • 2018/3/29 Internal plastic Culture, external plastic Brand-Brand Construction in Progress
  • 2018/3/29 API certification passed again
  • 2018/3/29 I warmly congratulate my company veterinary drug GMP certification passed
  • 2018/3/29 Shengshi Tengfei 2015 meeting was held successfully
  • 2018/3/29 After meet the Humanities
  • 2015/3/1 Cadres debriefing, growth in summary
  • 2015/1/10 Warm congratulations on our company "Yun Peng" won the title of Shanxi province famous brand
  • 2015/1/5 As the New Year begins, let us also start a new life
  • 2014/11/18 ERP system makes enterprise management more simple and efficient
  • 2014/10/18 The youth, young employees -- be enthusiastic and press on the Forum
  • 2014/9/18 Examination - the gauge for training qualified
  • 2014/7/6 Collective office -- promoting systematization and standardization
  • 2014/6/8 Structure adjustment - supply and marketing system reform in the
  • 2014/6/5 Rationalization proposals - the broad mobilization of full participation
  • 2014/4/20 Yun Peng pharmaceutical exhibitors seventy-first national drug trade fair
  • 2014/4/10 Warmly congratulations on the first successful implementation of the equipment operation qualification certificate of our company
  • 2014/2/15 The growth in the summary report of cadres
  • 2017/2/18 I swear I promise
  • 2014/2/17 Flying cloud Peng 2013 summary commendation cum 2014 meeting held great success
  • 2014/2/8 More systematic and more standard
  • 2013/11/20 Seventieth session of the medicine Fair opened Yun Peng innovation and then climb the peak
  • 2013/11/17 Zhejiang Canaan Technology Co., Ltd. Yang manager to teach exchange of mine
  • 2013/11/3 The on-site inspection of the extension of the workshop for the solid preparation plant is passed and the inspection is passed
  • 2013/10/10 Third quarter sales meeting held smoothly
  • 2013/5/19 On-site inspection of solid preparation workshop certification passed smoothly
  • 2013/10/25 Collective training to promote the overall level of improvement
  • 2013/10/5 Yun Peng, ahead of the 2013 national day art evening held a grand
  • 2013/7/15 The seventieth National Drug Trade Fair (Guangzhou) costumes exhibited
  • 2013/7/15 Learn from each other and work together
  • 2013/7/3 Cooperation and win-win cooperation
  • 2013/6/14 Human cultural care establishment nursery
  • 2013/6/13 GMP we are in action
  • 2013/11/18 Warmly congratulations cloud Peng pharmaceutical passed GSP, GMP certification successfully
  • 2013/5/3 Second quarter sales meeting held successfully
  • 2013/5/3 Structure adjustment, quality new breakthrough
  • 2013/4/15 Warmly congratulate my company on the new factory four workshop passed the new version of GMP certification
  • 2013/4/15 Attend the sixty-ninth national drug trade fair
  • 2013/4/15 A radical reform of QA
  • 2013/4/15
  • 2013/3/16 Party secretary to visit the guidance
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